The Lazy Loopers Flying Club RC Flight Instruction and Training

The Lazy Loopers Flying Club welcomes prospective and current members to take advantage of our flight instruction program!

If you are new to the sport proper training will greatly accelerate your RC progress and reduce your repair time and repair expenses - guaranteed!   You can typically find our instructors at the club flying field on weekends. Especially Saturdays around mid morning.

Prospective members - We have a team of volunteer instructors who are happy to help you get your wings. We can probably even get you airborne on a test flight on your very first visit.  If you don't have your own RC plane yet, we can help steer you in the right direction for maximum success. Choosing the right plane to start with is extremely important and it doesn't have to be a budget busting experience.  If you decide to pursue training, please know that we do require all trainees to be club members. You can fill out a membership application and bring it with you if you wish.

Monthly Flight School -  During the flying season (which usually starts in Spring around March or April depending on weather) the last Saturday of every month we will offer an RC School at the field at 10:30 am.  This is open to any one interested in learning about RC or how to get started.  Keep an eye out for these events on our club calendar.

If you are specifically looking for RC Instruction - or a new member looking to demonstrate solo competency, please send a message to one of us below  @Fins (Andy Finley).   We have other instructors who we pull in as needed.  Note:  You will need create an online ID and password for our website to message us - takes a minute.  Once you log in, you will see the message option.  You will also see the message option on our profile pages after log in.  The Instructor team will make arrangements to have one of us meet with you at the field.  We will go over the basics of membership, equipment, field and safety rules, and recommend an instruction path based on your specific skill level and needs.  

Please keep in mind the instructors are volunteers, so depending on demand and time of the year, we will schedule the instruction to work with the instructor's schedule. 

Happy Flying!